Grove City, OH
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Areas of Practice
Financial Problems
More than ever, good people are struggling with a burden of debt, with collection demands filling the mailbox, and bill collectors calling at home and at work, even calling relatives.
These bills can become more serious if you don’t get good legal advice as soon as possible.
You could face lawsuits, seizures of bank accounts, lien claims against your house, or even garnishment of wages.
You may be able to get a Fresh Start by the Federal Bankruptcy laws.
Talk to Jeff before you get to this point You might make things worse by taking the wrong actions to try to solve your problems, and Jeff can help you avoid these mistakes.
Family Law
Jeff is a father and grandfather. He knows how important our families are. Jeff handles:
  • Grandparents Rights to time with their grandchildren
  • Dissolutions of Marriage
  • Legal Separations
  • Divorce
  • Shared Parenting / Joint Custody / Visitation Orders
  • Changes in Existing Custody or Parenting Orders
  • Getting Child Support Started or Adjusted
Dissolutions can be approved in private by a traveling judge at Jeff’s office to fit your schedule instead of having to attend open court in downtown Columbus.
Small Business Law
Jeff enjoys helping people start their own businesses, helping them set up a business form that will limit their personal liability.
These include:
  • Corporations
  • Sub-Chapter S Corporations
  • Limited Liability Companies
Wills and Planning to Avoid Probate
Everyone should have these few simple documents:
  • Will
  • Living Will
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Health Care Power of Attorney
These state your wishes, and allow the persons you name to make
decisions for you, if necessary.
Jeff can also tell you how to avoid probate by some simple advanced planning.